"Cooling Matrix" ● Metal Art ● (SOLD)

SOLD - Please contact for pricing on a commission for a similar piece (no two artworks are ever the same).

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Description: There are moments where you want an artwork to emote a relaxing yet engaging feeling to a viewer.  This was my focus for Cooling Matrix.  The artwork follows my 3-Dimensional cubist theme with 4" squares of varying depths which add perceived movement at every angle.  The wood squares were individually cut and topped with matching hand cut and etched aluminum panels. 

Aluminum's natural tone is already soft and soothing.  Thus, I complimented the piece by adding reposed colors -- very light summer green and a relaxing sea blue.   As a whole, this contemporary piece will make a wonderful edition to your collection.

Elements Used: Aluminum, aluminum frame, wood & repurposed wood composites.

Size & Weight: 24"x24”x2" - Weighs about 19 pounds (a bit more when shipped).


Display & Lighting: This artwork is designed for display in an indoor environment. Because of metal's natural reflective nature, a variety of lighting sources will compliment this artwork in aesthetically pleasing ways. This piece is ready to hang as soon as received. A heavy duty mounting bracket(s) is securely attached to the back of the piece and matching drywall mounting hardware is included with the artwork.

Please Note: The sample image(s) have been compressed for optimal web download and do not do full justice to viewing the artwork in person. Slight color variations may also be a factor due to color variations from monitor to monitor -- Best efforts are made to take clear photographs of each piece for your review.

Also, there are mirrored stainless steel pieces in this artwork which will reflect hues and color tones from the room -- For the exception of the copper pieces, the color tones you see on the photo are reflections from the studio the photo was taken in.

Recycle_1a.jpg REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!  I love nature and I am a strong believer that minor changes can exponentially lead to a major positive impact. I do my best to recycle, repurpose, reuse and be the best conservationalist that I can be in my personal life and in my artwork. I purchase metals from mills that produce the bulk of their product from recycled materials and I always look for Earth friendly options to create my metal art. Many of my artworks also utilize "found objects" (recycled materials) and are guided by my love of nature. The majority of the elements that constitute this artwork come from recycled industrial metals and repurposed materials.