2-D Metal Art

All of the artworks in the Metal Art categories are one-of-a-kind original creations by Hugo Cruz.  These are distinctive and contemporary works of art.  Visit this category often as these unique artworks move quickly; And new imaginative creations are added.  You may also join the newsletter (scroll below) for news on Hugo's latest works.

Hugo's Statement:  "I love metal ... I love its multiformity ... Its dichotomy in being both flexible & maleable while providing an extremely rigid medium in its final form.  Metal offers such soothing and elemental tones that complement any design -- modern to classic.  All of my metal artworks incorporate the beauty and diversity of METAL as an integral element; And I use other mixed media elements along with learned techniques developed through decades of artistic experimentation to coalesce with and complement the inhernet beauty of the respective metal in each work.

I am a proponent of the belief that minor changes can exponentially lead to a major positive impact. I do my best to recycle, repurpose, reuse and be the best conservationalist that I can be in my personal life and in my artwork. I purchase metals from mills that produce the bulk of their product from recycled materials and I always look for Earth friendly options to create my metal art. Many of my artworks also utilize "found objects" (recycled materials), re-purposed materials and are all guided by my love of nature."